May 18: Why you should not miss the opening day of the conference

May 18: Why you should not miss the opening day of the conference

e-Governance Conference, one of flagship events on digital transformation which gathers high-level officials, hands-on experts, and business leaders from around the world, will have introductory session on May 18. This day, we invite you to take a look at e-government development in practice!

You will have an excellent opportunity to take a closer look at the basis of e-government development: digital maturity assessment, interoperability, development of secure cyberspace, and examine how digital tools could help to combat corruption.

Our first presenter Hannes Astok (eGA), is an enthusiastic speaker for the information society, especially promoting the new technologies in government. He will introduce you to Estonian e-government and e-society that has inspired many countries to find their digital transformation approach. Marit Lani (eGA), who has remarkable experiences in assessing the digital maturity of countries, will present how the assessment could benefit the government that aims at digital transformation. 

The first day of the Conference provides you also three discussions and workshops by Intel and Startup Estonia. 

The discussions will focus on learnings on interoperability “How to make data run, not people”, key actions for developing secure cyberspace, and present digital tools in the global battle against corruption.

The discussion on interoperability will feature Ville Sirviö from the Nordic Institute for Interoperability Solutions (NIIS), Riho Kurg (Cybernetica), Arvo Ott (eGA) and is moderated by Heiko Vainsalu (eGA).

In the discussion on key actions for developing secure cyber space will be presented various countries’ approaches and best practices. The discussion is moderated by Epp Maaten. 


Digital tools in the global battle against corruption will feature Peter Varga (Open Government Partnership), Carina Paju (Transparency International Estonia) and Kristina Reinsalu (eGA). 


Find more out about the digital tools from the podcast and blog post!

During all days of the conference, the Virtual Expo is operating where you can meet with international and Estonian IT companies and organisations.

Do not miss a chance to learn about e-government development from experienced practitioners and discover new digital trends brought by the new normal together!

Register now at egovconference.ee to be part of the egovernance community!


See you at Introductory Day!