It’s time to talk about digital responsibility

It’s time to talk about digital responsibility

As society increasingly turns digital and technology and platform companies are more and more expected to take responsibility for the consequences of their processes, products, and services. This is where the importance of corporate digital responsibility growingly comes into place.

Being digitally responsible means taking into account the broader impact and spill-over effects of your services and actions on the society and the environment. And not only at the last mile of service delivery, but across the whole vertical value chain that leads from concept to realization and use of digital solutions, internally and externally,” Linnar Viik, a programme director of the e-Governance Conference, explains.

However, though some steps have already been taken toward increasing corporate accountability for processes and products, a more definitive change requires the effort of all actors of society – governments, private companies, and citizens. Therefore, some questions remain open:

  • Who is supposed to push this transformation?
  • What or who can make the difference this time?

Issues of Corporate Digital Responsibility are going to be addressed in the e-Governance Conference, on 20 May.
The introduction to the topic will make Linnar Viik (e-Governance Academy) by presenting “Why Digital Responsibility Matters?”.

Afterwards, technology companies, governments and civil society view on this topic will be presented in the keynote

“How Can Companies Better Include Public Interest into the Technology Sector?”

and discussed within the following panel discussions:

Digital Responsibility: Technology and Corporate View” featuring Üllar Jaaksoo (Greenergy Data Centres) & Merle Maigre (eGA);

Digital Responsibility: Government and Civil Society View“ featuring Robert Bjarnason (Citizens Foundation, Iceland), Aldo Merkoci (MJAFT!, Albania) and Kristina Mänd (eGA).

Take a look at the agenda for updates!

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